Dr. Bruce Martin

Dr. Bruce Martin teaches geography online at Corpus Christi College, Crandall University, and Briercrest College. He has also taught geography and/or theology at Acadia University, Carey Theological College, Tyndale Seminary, Tyndale University College, and Taylor University College.

Bruce appreciates the positive dialogue that can exist between science and Christian faith. He also enjoys exploring the practical ethical imperative that Christian faith can provide for living in relationship with the natural world. In 2016, Bruce was a Visiting Scholar at St. Edmund's College, Cambridge University, U.K. (the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion) and the recipient of a Study Grant from the Louisville Institute.

Originally from Vancouver and a graduate of UBC, Bruce now lives in Lethbridge, Alberta. Bruce has been active on and chaired School Councils at Catholic Central High, St. Francis Junior High, and St. Patrick's Fine Arts Elementary Schools (Holy Spirit Roman Catholic School Division).

In his spare time, Bruce has volunteered with the City of Lethbridge in affordable housing and environmental issues. He enjoys traveling, hiking, photography, and painting. He is still searching for the perfect dark chocolate.


  • Ph.D. (University of Alberta)

  • M.Div. (Acadia University)

  • M.A. (University of British Columbia)

  • B.A. (University of British Columbia)

Selected Publications and Academic Presentations:

  • "A Physicist, Geographer, and Biologist go into a Church, and ...: Scientists in Canadian Congregations." Paper presented at 'From Sea to Sea to Sea: Christianity in Canada' Conference, Trinity Western University, May 2018
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