Dr. Joe Naylor

Multidisciplinary in interests and education, Dr. Joe Naylor's current work might best be described as “philosophy of institutions.” Spending most of the nineties teaching in the University of British Columbia Arts One Programme, he continues to explore the answers to two fundamental questions: “What are we?” and “What is the best way to live together?”

Drawing from political, legal, and educational theory, and focusing on controversial aspects of the law, Dr. Joe Naylor has taught in the Philosophy and the Criminology departments at Kwantlen, Douglas and Simon Fraser University.

An understanding of criminal behaviour, in its social, psychological, political, even biological dimensions, challenges us to refine our concepts of explanation, prediction, and control. Criminology students at Corpus Christi College will be engaged in that process, joining Dr. Naylor in finding resources, perspectives and insights that clarify the answers we have for our questions about Crime.

  • Doctorate in Philosophy, University of British Columbia
  • Masters of Arts in Jurisprudence, University of British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Education, English and Social Studies, University of British Columbia
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of British Columbia